Ari Yanover hails Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She has a long history in the visual arts, starting from drawing in her youngest years. Her passion for drawing soon combined with her passion for computers, resulting in a love for new media. This, combined with her curiosity, scepticism, and interest in the news resulted in her turning towards the field of interactive journalism.

Her love of drawing first appeared on paper. As she grew more familiar with computers, she played around with MS Paint. In the meantime, she also began to learn coding, becoming proficient in HTML at the age of 9. She got her first graphics tablet at the age of 11, and started learning Adobe Photoshop at the age of 12.

From here, her skill set only grew as she learned CSS, Adobe DreamWeaver, and Adobe Premiere before enrolling at the University of Lethbridge as a New Media major in 2009. At Lethbridge, she took courses specializing in web design as well as film, culminating in an internship for Richard Sherry of Sherric Financial Ltd. where she helped build websites and produce videos advertising products and services for the business.

Upon graduating, she continued learning, adding Adobe Flash and JavaScript to her repertoire.

In 2013, Ari applied for and was accepted into the Journalism – New Media post-graduate program at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario. There she further honed her skills in media production, particularly by learning Avid, as well as story telling as she learned more about the field of journalism and news.

Ari currently resides in Oakville, Ontario, continuing her education in Journalism – New Media as she works towards a career in the field.